Liz & Kyle | 8.18.18 Mackinac Island Michigan Wedding

8.18.18 Mackinac Island Michigan Wedding

Liz and Kyle stopped their horse-drawn carriage ride for a quick kiss in front of The Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island, Michigan- a wedding location that takes you backwards in time!

8.18.18- the Most Popular Wedding Date of the Year!


On 8.18.18, Liz & Kyle became Mr. & Mrs. on Mackinac Island, a Northern Michigan destination wedding location. According to data from The Knot, 8.18.18 was the most popular wedding date of 2018. We confirmed at least 5 different weddings this day on Mackinac Island Michigan. In fact, we even had one of Liz & Kyle’s portraits get photo bombed by another 8.18.18 bride! (see below). The Knot confirmed at least 28,000 weddings for 8.18.18.

Many couples love this date because it is so easy to remember. It’s also reads the same forward as backwards. Oddly enough, this happened to be the groom, Kyle’s, birthday! During the reception all of their guests sang him Happy Birthday- it was such a special day!

A bride photo-bombing our bride and groom on Mackinac Island, Michigan on 8.18.18.



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