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As the yearbook photographer in high school, I became well known as "the girl who always had the camera". In our small town, it didn't take long for someone to ask me to shoot a wedding -and so it began!

I was 15 and scared shitless. The challenge was that I knew the two people loved each other dearly, and they would never relive these moments again. It was up to me to create the family heirloom, something generations would cherish forever -the wedding photos.

(Left) Meet Tikka Girl! She is the most energetic dog with only one mission- fetch! (Middle) Meet our sweet Sylvie Jean, who loves to be in the arms of my husband Brent. (Right) This is me, Emily! Read more about me here.

A photographer who started shooting weddings when she was 15 years old with a passion for journalism and documenting true love.

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